Top 5 Best Air- Pollution Masks in India

The air around the world is getting polluted. Pollutants are being added to the environment. Streets are noisy. More and more vehicles are running on the roads that are eventually making the air more toxic. Amid massive air pollution problem in almost all the metros around the world, what is the most trending daily wear these days? It is nothing but a tiny little piece with strings- an anti-pollution mask that makes sure that you don’t inhale any unfiltered air. To keep the pollution at bay, we are going to tell you five best air pollution masks in India. Here we go:

Honeywell PM2.5 KN95 Dust Mask

Available in two colours (Denim blue and white), this fabric dust mask comes with 95% filtering efficiency. Specifically designed to wear in hot and humid weather, the mask can be easily put on and off on need basis. The mask is built with 3 Layer Media filtration technology that blocks the entry of even the smallest pollutants/ particles like dust, haze, bacteria, and influenza virus in your body.

3M 9010 N95 - Anti Pollution Mask

The mask filters harmful particulates from the air. It is very effective against non-oil-based contaminants and can be used in the workplace and home. This lightweight, the durable mask is made with polycarbonates and effective against the H1Ni swine flu virus. This mask can filter out solid contaminants like coal, iron ore, flour etc.

Mallcom M 1302CV - Conical Shape Face Mask

Generally suitable for the application in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, pharmaceutical industry, M 1302CV - Conical Shape Face Mask is presented from the house of Mallcom, India’s leading personal protective equipment brand. The cone-shaped mask can be donned easily and give more comfort and protection to nose and mouth.

ESAB Filter Flat P2CV - Grey Color Safety Disposable Mask

The grey colour, EN149:2001 certified, lightweight, and durable mask provides P2 protection and is equipped with a valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up inside the respirator. The carbon layer is meant to take out bad odours.

3M 9504 - N95 Dust Pollution Mask

3M 9504 - N95 Dust Pollution Mask is filtering 2.5 PM dust and allergen. This anti-pollution mask has 3M cool flow exhalation valve to avoid building up of heat and carbon dioxide within the cover. The lightweight, folding mask comes with a metal nose clip and elastic headbands for offering extra comfort and a secure fit to the wearer.


If you say Mother earth is a human, then, air pollution is an Asthama attack on it. It is always safe to wear a face mask while working in a dusty and polluted environment. We have listed five best air pollution masks in India. Do you want to add more into the above list? Don't hesitate to mention it in the comment section.