Best Air Blowers in India

Air blowers are known for providing maximum utility value in the power tools category. These tools find application in construction, industrial, electrical and maintenance industries. Air blowers are best suited for cleaning work areas, appliances, and removing dust in woodworking projects. These blowers are portable and easy to use.

Let's look at some of the top-selling air blowers.

1. Bosch GBL 620W Air Blower

Bosch GBL 620W air blowers are known for their best in class performance. These blowers from Bosch weigh around 1.7 kilograms and are powered by 620W motor to usher an airflow of 3.5 cubic meters per minute. Bosch GBL 620W Air blowers come with a 2-meter cord which makes it easier for the user to manoeuvre the tool with ease. These air blowers are multipurpose and versatile and are used widely for cleaning air conditioners and ventilation grills.

2. Black + Decker 530W Air Blower

Black and Decker air blowers are capable of blowing as well as sucking air. These air blowers have a bag attachment for collecting the dirt. A robust 530W engine powers black and Decker 530W  air blowers. These blowers from Black & Decker are known for their durability and best in class performance. These blowers have a detachable front nozzle and come with a six-month warranty.

3. Stanley 600W Air Blower

Stanley 600W air blowers are dual purpose because they can function both as a blower and a vacuum cleaner. Stanley air blowers are housed in a compact body which makes it easier for the user to operate.  Motors which power these blowers support variable speed so that airspeed can be tuned to suit the work requirements. Air blowers from Stanley come with a lock-on button which can be used single-handedly and help in enhancing user safety.

4. Cheston 700W Air Blower

Cheston air blowers are compact, lightweight and easy to use.  They can be operated by a single hand and are easy to manoeuvre. These blowers have two outlets. One for attaching the nozzle and the other for connecting a collection bag. Cheston blowers are equipped with variable speed trigger and are powered by a robust 700W motor which helps in faster cleaning.