Best 10 Door Locks Brands in India

In today’s world where crimes occur every other day, thus it has now become essential to have a secure door lock system to safeguard yourself and your valuables present in your home. Along with the CCTV cameras and alarm systems, door locks too prove to be an important aspect of your home security. It plays an integral role in the security system to keep your home safe from thieves, intruders or kidnappers. It also helps in maintaining the privacy of your home at required level. There are various types of brands available of these door locks with different levels of security. Each one has its features suitable for multiple types of doors. Let us now discuss the top 10 door locks brands available in India.

Top 10 Door Locks Brands in India:

1. Godrej NEH 06 Zinc Alloy Door Handle Sarin Steel set – It is a strong, secure, stylish, durable handle set suitable for main door and internal doors of residence and complex. It comes with an aesthetic design that works well for the home décor. Godrej zinc alloy door handle set has a reversible latch that suits both left and right-handed people. It has a universal back-set that makes the replacement procedure easy from the older lock to the newer one. As it is made up of high-grade zinc alloy, it has high strength and durability. The pin cylinder technology provides a high level of security.

2. Godrej locks Ultra Verti-bolt TextureIt has a vertical locking system that makes the lock iron bar attack resistant. Godrej verti bolt ultra lock has a 14-pin technology that provides multiple key combinations. Thus, it is tough to duplicate the key for the door lock. Also, it has a unique privacy feature that ensures additional privacy and safety. This lock has a bigger key-head that provides a better grip and so it is easy to operate the lock. The lock body has a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish.

3. 4d Heavy Security Fingerprint Padlock – It has a fingerprint recognition in the locking system. It can store 10 fingerprints that can be directly managed within the thumbprint padlock. The body construction is made up of high-grade zinc alloy metal and stainless-steel material. It comes with two small spare keys when the power is run out. It has a quick recognition technology and smart padlock support to identify the fingerprints quickly. This fingerprint padlock comes with waterproof and dustproof features.

4. Atom Mortice Door Handle Set Brass Antique Finish – The keys for this door lock can be used for both left- and right-hand side opening doors. It comes with additional screws and all other accessories. It is made using consummated and professional surface treatment and anti-corrosion technology. Atom Mortice door handle set comes with 2 handles and 3 keys and antique brass finish. It works on a spiral spring mechanism. It is usually made up of iron, stainless steel and brass material.

5. Home products 4U Padmini Iron Door Locks Single – It possesses high security and interlock technology that ensures high strength and durability. It is applicable mostly for the main doors. This Iron door lock comes with 2 spare keys. The body construction is made up of stainless steel material. It is suitable for a single door and not for double door setup. Also, it has a tough iron finish.

6. Yale Cylindrical Round Stainless-steel door lock – It is mainly used for standard residential indoor doors. It is suitable for a door having a thickness of 30-50mm. It has an adjustable back-set of 60/70 mm. It is made up of solid steel chassis and latch case and zinc plated for extended corrosion resistance. Yale door lock is guaranteed for 2,00,000 cycles. It is ideal for bedrooms, small rooms and offices. It usually comes with a 5 pin tumbler cylinder and 3 spare keys. It is highly durable and convenient to use. The keys are very handy to lock and unlock the door.

7. Dorset Stainless Steel Matt Finish Round Cylindrical Latch door lock – One of its benefits is it comes with 4 keys, so users don’t have to worry of losing the keys. It also improves the convenience for other members to lock and unlock the home. This lock is suitable for doors having a thickness of 35 to 50 mm. It has a matte stainless steel finish that improves its aesthetic appeal. Dorset latch door lock is ideal to use with the interior-doors of offices and homes.

8. Metalcraft Stainless steel cylindrical latch door lock – It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It has a single panel door of 32 to 45 mm thickness and a locked back set of 60 mm. The cylindrical latch door lock is made up of stainless steel material. It comes with an aesthetic design with silver finish. It suits the entrance door of residential and commercial establishments. It provides a tubular door lock that makes it unique.

9. Europa Stainless Steel Feather Touch Bedroom Lock – It is an ideal indoor entrance door lock. It locks and unlocks on both sides. It has a feather touch press button, and the user doesn’t need to twist the knob for locking and unlocking. This tubular comes with all screws and fittings. Europa bedroom lock is highly durable and made up of anti-corrosive and rust-free stainless-steel material. It has a 5-pin security system that comes with a set of 3 keys. The Matt stainless steel finish offers a modern and elegant look.

10. Godrej Locks classic cylindrical lock – It is made up of high-quality steel to prevent the lock from breaking or being tampered. These locks are waterproof and don’t get corroded easily. It offers a classy finish to your house or office doors and increases the aesthetic value of your space. These locks are very strong and last for a longer time. Due to its complicated design, it cannot be broken easily. It is easy to use and attractive in design. It locks automatically when the knob is pressed. Godrej classic lock is based on automatic deadlocking technology and is convenient to use in the interior of entrance doors. It comes with 3 spare keys.


Door locks have not only become part of the security system but also the part of the exterior and interior design and aesthetics of your space. Thus, it is necessary to check the features, appearance and warranty of the locks while choosing from the available options. Also, it is better to check the thickness of your door to select the best lock for the required door. Don't forget to check our door locks products available online of high-quality brands at affordable price rates.