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How can procurement leaders leverage demand levers to save costs?

Today, a global pandemic has thrust business leaders into an unprecedented situation where the shroud of uncertainty looms large and global economic downturn is making it…

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Best Office Chairs To Buy Online In India

Office chairs are an integral part of any workplace, whether you are working from the office or have a home office set up. The new normal…

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10 Best Face Shields for 2020

Importance of personal health and safety is of paramount importance. People, across the globe, have started acknowledging the need to protect themselves and there is a…

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How to build a robust procurement strategy for your business?

Procurement, as a business function, is changing rapidly to live up to the demands of the business. Best-in-class procurement functions are making a conscious shift towards…

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What are the different types of procurement contracts?

#Procure To Pay #Accounts Payables #Procurement Contracts

When it comes to procurement contracts, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach which can work. As requirements differ, so do contracts. Any contractual agreement, regardless of the…

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How to optimize procure-to-pay processes?

#Procure To Pay #Accounts Payables #Procurement Process

Dated procurement solutions and practices are costly, ineffective and abhor flexibility. It has been observed that fragmented and siloed procurement software end up complicating procure to…

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Demystifying Procurement

Businesses stand to gain significantly by bringing in improvements, adopting cost-saving measures, and optimizing their business processes and functions. Procurement has been and will continue to…

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What's the Difference Between PVC and CPVC Pipe?

#Plumbing Pipes #Sewage Pipes #Drainage Pipes

Whether  you want to hire a plumber for routine fixes or are a DIY enthusiast, understanding the difference between commonly used PVC and CPVC pipes is…

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Why strategic sourcing matters?

#Strategic Sourcing #Supply Chain Management #Spend Optimization

Strategic sourcing can be defined as a supply chain management approach which intends to harness the way information is collected and analysed to help organizations in…

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Vocal for Local: Mantra for Self-Reliant India

The coronavirus pandemic has not only disrupted businesses, lives, and livelihoods, but it has also exposed chinks in the way our manufacturing and supply chain strategy…

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