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Know the significant difference between Clamp Meter and Multimeter

#Multimeter #Digital Multimeter #Electrical Power Testing

Many a time it happens that there are various testers and meters in the market with similar features and functionality. And, thus, it becomes difficult for…

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Steam Inhaler: An essential medical equipment you must have at home

#Medical device #personal protective equipment #steam inhaler

Steam Inhaler is the type of medical device used in home remedies for treating the cold, sinus infection and nostril blockage. It includes the process of…

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What is the importance of a Nebulizer in respiratory treatment?

#nebulizer #Medical device

Breathing is an essential part of our lives, and so is the respiratory system of our body. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of…

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Contactless Hand Sanitizer - An Essential medical supplies:

#Hand Sanitizers #Medical device

From wearing the mask and face shield to using the hand wash and sanitizer, it has now become the routine for us in this pandemic situation.…

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Importance of Head and Shoe cover in PPE kit:

#personal protective equipment #ppe kit #head cover

The personal protective kit is an equipment used by people to protect themselves from health or safety risks at the workplace or contaminated environment. In the…

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All Types of Electrical Power Testers and their uses:

#Electrical Power Testing #Testing & Measuring Instruments #Multimeter

Electrical tester tools are used for measuring various electrical parameters. These parameters include current, voltage, resistance, continuity, etc. It is commonly used by professional electricians and…

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How to keep your warehouse productive with Efficient Material Handling:

#material handling #warehousing

Material handling is a part of supply chain management that ensures the smooth and aligned process starting from warehouse and manufacturing plant to distribution centers. It…

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What are Types of Abrasives?

#Abrasive #Angle Grinder

Abrasive is a tool used for shaping or giving a fine finish to the workpiece by rubbing. By doing this, the friction wears away some part…

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What are Gas cutting and welding accessories?

#Welding Tools #Welding Electrode #welding helmet

Gas welding equipment is also known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene equipment that uses both oxygen and fuel gas to cut the job or join it. It…

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Comparison between Dust Mask & Disposable Respirator

#Face Masks #Safety Equipments

Who knew that the time will come when there will be a compulsion on using the masks and respirators every time you step out of your…

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