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Types of Coaxial Cables and How they are specified

#coaxial cables #Electricals

Before learning the types of coaxial cable let’s first understand the coaxial cables and its functioning. Coaxial cables are the form of an electrical cable…

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Bearing Types & Applications

#Bearing #ball bearing #roller bearing

Bearing is a mechanical element that drives relative motion to only the desired motion. It helps in reducing the friction between the moving parts. They come…

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Types of concrete vibrators

#Industrial Products #concrete vibrators #equipment

Concrete vibrators are used for construction based applications. They come in several different shapes and sizes. It is used for concrete compaction mainly in constructing roads,…

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Different types of power saws and their uses

#Power Tools #Saws #Circular Saw

A power saw is a portable mechanical machine used for both industrial and DIY projects. It is the type of power tool that comprises sturdy blades,…

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Top 10 Best Work Boots For Construction Sites

#Safety Boots #Safety Shoes

Work boots act as a big savior for all the workers that are working on different types of job projects. These workers have to stand and…

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How to Choose the Right Safety Gloves?

#Safety Gloves #gloves #Safety Equipments

Safety gloves are one of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment. It protects the hands of the user from various forms of danger and injuries. With the…

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Top 5 Best Safety Boots for Women

#Safety Boots #Safety Shoes #safety shoes for women

The sole purpose of using safety shoes is to protect the feet of the user from various hazards like heavy object fall, slippery from grease or…

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10 Must have Tools for Everyday Gardening Purpose

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Gardening tools #Brush Cutter Machine

India stands second in terms of farm outputs worldwide. As per the statistics of 2018, 50% of the Indian workforce was engaged in agricultural tasks. It…

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Know the difference between Rotary Drill and Hammer Drill

If you are willing to drill the holes into various materials like concrete, wood, masonry, etc. then the first thing that comes to your mind is…

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Top 10 Best Drilling Machine for Home Use in India

#Drills #Power Tools

Drilling machines are the type of power tools in the drills category. It is used for making round holes or fasteners. A drill bit is one…

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