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What is a wall chaser and slotter?

#Power Tools #wall chaser #slotter

Wall chaser is a form of specialized tool that is twin-bladed. It is primarily used for cutting narrow channels in brick, stone and concrete walls. It…

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Safety tips for using Wood Router and Trimmer

#wood router #trimmer #Power Tools

Wood router and trimmer is a form of power tool majorly used in routing and woodworking applications. Usually, it comes with a variable speed motor option…

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What is a Vibration Meter?

#Electrical Power Testing #vibration meter #power and energy meter

A vibration meter is a form of an electronic device and is also known as an analyzer. It can process the vibration signals. The sensor generates…

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How To Use a Magnetic Drilling Machine?

#Drills #machine #magnetic drilling machine

Before learning how to use the magnetic drilling machine, let us first understand what is the tool all about. It is also known as magnetic drill…

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What is the Difference between Impact drill & Rotary Hammer drill?

#Drills #Rotary drills #Rotary Hammers

Drills are the primary type of power tools that are included in every tool kit. Their basic function is driving screws and drilling the holes in…

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Various Practical DIY and Commercial Uses of Angle Grinders

#Angle Grinder #Power Tools

An angle grinder is one of the prime power tool. It proves to be a key player in power tools after you get to know its…

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All you need to know about Cut-Resistant Gloves

#Safety Gloves #cut resistant gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are used for protecting the user’s hand cuts while working with the sharp objects. They are made up of cut resistant materials. These…

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Different usages of electric heat gun

#heat gun #electric heat gun #Power Tools

Before discussing the different usage types of electric heat guns we should first understand the electric heat gun device and its functionality. Heat gun devices are…

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Which are the best cordless power tools?

#Cordless Tools #Power Tools

It is very normal to get the cordless drill machine but are you aware that you can now even get cordless planer, drill press or table…

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How to store & clean power tools?

#Power Tools #Hand Tools #Cutting Tools

Be it hand tools or power tools; it is necessary to keep them clean and rust-free regularly. It is recommended to improve the life of the…

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