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Career Choice: All You Need to Know to Pursue a Career in Procurement

#Procurement Talks #career in procurement, #Career choice

As your college graduation moves towards completions, you find yourself at the fork of the road where you have to decide where you want to go?…

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Quashing Myths: Facts and Myths you Need to know Before Buying Safety Glove

#Safety Equipments #Safety Gloves #E-commerce,

Ever since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in 2019, everyone is trying to adjust in this ‘new normal’ environment, with more and more social distancing,…

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The Future of E-commerce- Top 3 E-Commerce Growth Trends in 2020

#Ecommerce growth trends #Online shopping

Did you know babies younger than 2 years, especially in low-income households,who are not able to read or speak clearly, and know how to use…

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The Top 5 E-commerce Packaging Trends in 2020

#E-commerce, #Packaging trends #packaging trends 2020

In this modern online world, where e-commerce is picking up, the delight of receiving the package you ordered online is well known. Just like we are…

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Unboxing: Why do You Need to Deliver an Ideal Packaging Experience to Customers?

#Office Supplies #Pens #Packaging

You may have heard the famous saying- 'the first impression is the last'. An excellent first impression, in personal or professional life, can tremendously affect your…

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N95 Mask: Things to Consider before Buying, Price & More

With the outbreak around Covid-19, when governments, health professionals and experts around the world are repeatedly recommending, the people to cover their face, while out of…

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How to Place, Track, and Exchange Orders on Shakedeal?

Would you like to see more exciting deals, offers and then getting the most of those incredible deals on Shakedeal? Getting your order delivered at your…

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Tips to Save Power Tools from Rusting and Extend their Shelf Life

The rusty, wobbly power tools can tarnish your plan of making a wooden pet house for your niece’s pet dog Romeo, on her birthday. Your…

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What is Pulse Oximeter? Reading, Uses, and How does it Work?

#equipment #Pulse Oximeter #Finger Pulse Oximeter

Imagine; monitoring a patient's health using a finger pulse oximeter, getting alert about blood oxygenation level through a SpO2 sensor, making clinical decisions from the patient's…

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What Kind of Mask Should my Kid Wear? Best Face Masks for Kids

#Air pollution masks, #Face Masks #Safety

Like it or not, Corona is not convinced, and pandemic continues to spread. As a parent, it is your job, mainly a challenging task to persuade…

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