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Choosing The Right Electric Kettle For You This Winter

#Electric Kettle #home & kitchen appliances

Imagine foggy mornings, misty trees, longer nights and shorter days, the cold breeze, and the white snow, and how about wrapping your hand around a warm…

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Top 5 Domestic Submersible Pump Under Rs. 5000 in India

#Openwell Submersible Pumps #submersible pumps #Water pumps

It is unlikely that amid this heap of brilliant inventions, someone would remember indigenous water pumps.…

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5 Types of Heavy Duty Power Tools for Every Handyman

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Setting up an Office for a Startup? 10 Office Essentials for Your Business

#A4 Paper #File and Folder Accessories #Office Supplies

It has been almost two years since the Covid pandemic. Slowing things back to normal, and you might have been planning to set up an office…

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Painting Home on Your Own? Helpful Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer for Flawless Job!

#Covid-19 pandemic #painting home #power sprayer

Do you remember, Asian Paints advert- 'Mera Wala Blue' in 2013? If you ask these questions to people, most millennials understandably would like to jump right into the project and paint their home on their own. It is an emotional reaction.…

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Hammers are not Just for Nails: 5 Unconventional Use of a Rip Hammer

Hammers are not just for nails, but they can be used in many other ways.…

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6 Alternative Use of A Leaf blower, Other Than Blowing Leaf

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Leaf blower #Petrol Leaf blower

Do you know your leaf blower can help you dry your vehicle or clean your roof- Yup! This versatile power tool can help you to finish many works in and around the home and garden.…

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Preventing Falls and Injuries: Why to Invest in Safety Shoes for Your Kitchen Crew?

#Steel Toe Safety Shoes #Safety #Industrial Safety

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA? The show is about good or bad food, restaurants, cuisine, hygiene, health, presentation and drama and much…

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Top 5 Portable Pressure Washers for Car Cleaning in 2021

#pressure washer #car washer #car cleaning

Roughly, how much time do you spend in your car daily? What would you say? Hmm.. some would say..1 hour, 2 hours… maybe more. Here are the top 5 pressure washers for both professionals and homeowners.…

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Top 5 Brands to buy Motor &Motor Accessories In 2021

#motor #Motor accessories #Kisankraft

Which is the perfect brand? With so many motors and their accessories, picking the right brand is not easy.…

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