Anemometer – Working, Types, Benefits and Applications

Anemometer is a type of air velocity and quality measuring equipment. It is primarily used to measure a wind speed or velocity and direction either in a contained flow or in unconfined flow.

Different Types of Anemometer:

A. Velocity Anemometer Types:

  • Cup anemometer – It can measure the speed and force of the wind. The cups are mounted at the end of the arms that rotate in the wind. Speed of a cup rotation indicates the wind speed.
  • Vane Anemometer – It is a wind speed meter used to measure airspeed using the impeller anemometer. It can measure volume flow and temperature as well. It is compatible with the smartphone app and suitable for both indoor and outdoor measurement. It is easy to operate even in the confined space area. Its typical application is to measure the velocity and volumetric flow rate of air grills in buildings and utilities.
  • Hot wire Anemometer – It is a thermal transducer used to measure instantaneous flow velocity. It works on the principle of an electrically heated wire placed in the gas stream. The heat is transferred from wire to gas and so the temperature of wire lowers, also the resistance of wire changes. This change of resistance is an important parameter for measuring the flow rate of air. It is mainly used as a research tool in fluid mechanics.
  • Laser Doppler Anemometer – It measures the instantaneous velocity of airflow. It has various features like non-intrusiveness, no calibration requirement, ability to measure flow reversals, high resolutions, correct measurement, suitable for a wide range of applications. It is widely used in jet engines and river hydrology.
  • Ultrasonic Anemometer – It comprises ultrasonic sound emitter and receiver at the opposite end of the sampling volume. It can measure the changing wind parameter with the help of acoustic measuring principle. It is applicable for sectors like meteorology, wind power plant, research and development.

B. Pressure Anemometer Types:

  • Plate Anemometer – It is a type of pressure anemometer that measures the wind velocity by the displacement of a spring or counterweight connected to a plate exposed to the wind.
  • Tube Anemometer – It is also known as wind sock mostly found around airports. It is made up of tube shapes connected to wires. It offers a wind direction. Faster wind blows higher the tube flows above the ground level.
  • Pilot tube static Anemometer – It is applicable for weather stations with high wind speeds, on aircraft as speedometers, in a wind tunnel, etc. It works on the principle of an air pressure gradient by measuring the pressure or pressure difference and using this value to assess the speed.

Common Applications of Anemometer:

  • It measures the gas flow that is in turbulent flow conditions.
  • It is used to measure the mean velocity, and the hot wire type is used when the turbulence characteristics are to be measured, such as transverse measurement in a cross-section.
  • It can measure even the pressure, direction and velocity of wind along with the speed.
  • Pilots, long-range shooters and sky-drivers mainly prefer it.
  • It also indicates the change in the pattern of weather and thus suitable for meteorologists and climatologists.
  • It can measure the airflow in heating systems, air conditioners, ventilation units, etc.

Few of its benefits include –

  • High precision.
  • It requires low power utilization.
  • Using this single device user can measure multiple parameters like speed, velocity, direction, and pressure of wind.
  • It comes in different sizes and shapes.
  • It provides you the specific measurement with low power consumption.
  • This climate station device can detect, estimate and provide all information related to wind.

Some of our best-selling Anemometer device models:

HTC AVM 03 - 0 to 30 meter per second Mini Anemometer – It is used to measure air velocity, humidity, dew point, and wet bulb temperature. HTC Mini Anemometer can resist rough application, fall, abrasion, and is easy to use and handle.

HTC AVM 03 - 0 to 30 meter per second Mini Anemometer

Beetech AM 4208+ - 10 to 45 Deg C C M/s, knots, ft/min, km/h, mph, Temp Anemometer – It has an auto power-off option that turns off the device after 14 mins without any operation. It has a wind chill indication and low battery indication. Beetech Temp Anemometer is widely used in the field of heating, ventilation, meteorology, agriculture, frozen storage, etc.

Beetech AM 4208+ - 10 to 45 Deg C C M/s, knots, ft/min, km/h, mph, Temp Anemometer

MECO 961P - 0.01 m/s Air Flow Anemometer – It gives a detailed reading and high resolution. It has an auto power-off option and is powered by a 9 V battery. MECO Air Flow Anemometer is preferred for high accuracy, efficiency and durability. It comes with an LCD screen display.

MECO 961P - 0.01 m/s Air Flow Anemometer


Anemometer is the most common instrument used for calculating the wind speed and airflow for industries like marine, HVAC, wind power, construction, etc. It is one of the important parts of the weather station. It comes in various types and functions like measuring humidity and temperature. Modern version models consist of new features like data recording and data logging to measure dimensions in the long term. The digital anemometer is compatible with Smartphones using Bluetooth. You can find some of our high quality branded Anemometers online that are known for high performance and unique features.