All you need to know about LED lights

Traditional lighting solutions are passe. Incandescent bulbs and lights pose a great danger to the environment and cost dearly to users in terms of inflated energy bills. LED lights are environment-friendly, energy-efficient and are effective in bringing down power bills to a great extent. LED light fixtures are used widely  in residential complexes,  manufacturing hubs, warehousing, factories and workshops as they offer better illumination and lower energy bills. LED lights are amazingly bright and soothing. As the demand for efficient and smart lighting solutions is increasing day by day, more people are transitioning from incandescent lights to LED lights and fixtures.

Let's have a look at the different types of LED lights and their applications.

Types of LED Lights

LED Bulbs and Panel Lights: LED lights are usually available in the form of bulbs, panels, strips and tubes. These lights are the preferred choice as a home lighting option. LED bulbs are commonly used in residential areas and complexes. LED panel lights are best suited for low ceilings though they are capable of lighting up higher ceilings and bigger spaces. Panel lights bring out the best lighting ambience in an eco-friendly manner.

Standard LED light Bulbs: These bulbs are best suited for reading lamps and hallways. They are also  used for flush mount fixtures.

Recessed Lights: These are also known as Can light LED bulbs as they fit perfectly into cans or sockets on ceilings for downlights.

Flood LED Light Bulbs: These lights are mostly used for exterior spaces and are capable of illuminating a wide area.

Globe LED Light Bulbs : These light bulbs can display lights in all direction and are mostly used in bathrooms or as pendant lights.

LED Tube Lights: LED tube lights are popularly known as linear light bulbs and find usage in office premises, co- workspaces and kitchens.

LED String Lights: These lights are mostly used for holiday lighting such as Christmas lighting because they emit less heat and offer better luminescence.

Smart LED Bulbs: These LED bulbs can connect to Wi Fi thereby enabling remote control of the lights.

Daylight LED Bulbs: These LED bulbs are capable of mimicking daylight and are widely used in kitchen, bathrooms, garages or basements.

Soft White LED Bulbs : These bulbs are known for offering soothing illumination and are used mostly in living spaces such as bedrooms.