All Types of Electrical Power Testers and their uses:

Electrical tester tools are used for measuring various electrical parameters. These parameters include current, voltage, resistance, continuity, etc. It is commonly used by professional electricians and electrical contractors to test live wires, circuit breakers, electrical panels or power transformers. They are both multi-function and single-function devices that can conduct typical electrical testing duties. The various types of an electrical tester include clamp meters, insulation testers, multimeters, ohmmeters, voltage detectors, etc. The purpose of writing this article is to discuss and guide you with the functionality and uses of all electrical testers. It will help you in selecting the right tester for your project.

Types of Electrical Testing Equipment:

It is essential to have electrical power testers to protect yourselves from potential bursts, fire, shocks and other hazards. They play a very important role in various industrial sectors for multiple reasons. So, let us look into the different types of electrical power testers.

Clamp Meters - It is an electrical testing tool as a combination of a digital multimeter with a current sensor. It is preferred for measuring the high level of current in the circuit without disconnecting it. The advanced versions can measure voltage, continuity and resistance as well along with the current. They are preferred for both safety and convenience. The clamp meters are basically used for service, installation and maintenance. It is applicable to use on industrial equipment, industrial controls, residential and commercial systems, and HVAC. Its 3 types include -

  • Current transformer - It can measure alternating current
  • Hall effect - It can measure both alternating and direct current.
  • Flexible type - It has a Rogowski coil that can measure only ac. It is suitable for use in confined space or congested areas.

Cord Flexing Testers - It is used for testing and measuring the quality of power cords. It determines whether the material in the flexible cable can withstand constant flexing under an electrical load.

DC Power Supply - It is the tool that supplies a constant DC voltage to its load. It can be powered from both DC source or AC source such as the power mains. It is mainly used in voltage applications like charging batteries, automotive applications, aircraft and low current & voltage applications.

DC Power Supply

Insulation Testers - It is used to prevent the users from hazards like an electric shock, short circuits that occurs when the insulation in electrical parts are used in industrial plants, buildings, etc. The portable type of tester is used for testing insulation resistance, continuous current, alternating current, etc. Also, it is used for testing supply lines to protect the user and ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Insulation Testers

Multimeters - It is also known as the volt-ohm meter. It is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. It can measure various parameters like voltage, current, resistance, etc. Technicians in electrical industries most commonly use it. It is a portable tool used for detecting basic faults at field service work. It is also used for measuring a high degree of accuracy. Analog multimeter is used for measuring the current. The digital multimeter has a resolution in digits. It performs all functions from AC to DC other than analog. It is used for applications like production testing, diode testing, capacitance, voltage reference, etc.


Ohmmeters - It is an electrical instrument that can measure electrical resistance. Micro ohmmeter makes low resistance measurement, whereas mega ohmmeter measures large values of resistance. It comprises the needle and 2 test leads. The needle deflection is controlled with the battery current. And, the 2 test leads of the meter are shorted together to measure the resistance of an electric circuit. Series, shunt and multi-range are the types of the ohmmeter. It is mostly used at electronic labs in engineering to test the electronic components.


Power & Energy Meters - It is used for measuring energy utilized by an electric load. Energy is the power consumed by the electrical appliances for a certain level of time. Users can use it in a both domestic and industrial circuit for measuring the power consumption. It works on the principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical work.

Power & Energy Meters

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter - It is mostly used to test the turn’s ratio of high voltage windings to low voltage windings of the transformer. It has high accuracy, compact in size and light in weight. Some of its applications include overload protection, distribution system, switchgear, control device, etc.

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Voltage Detector - It is used for detecting the electric fields or electricity in the piece of equipment under test. It can identify precise voltage levels in an electrical system. The internal circuit of the detector leads to a sensor that is fixed to the tip of the tool. The electromagnetic waves touch the sensor, and a signal is sent through the circuit. It thus glows the light or turns on the buzzer. It is used to detect AC voltages in sockets, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and cables. It also detects breaks in wires.

Voltage Detector

The standard electrical test kits consist of a multimeter, voltage tester and a receptacle tester. The voltage tester is used to identify voltage in circuit breakers, wires or outlets. At the same time, the receptacle tester is used to identify a common wiring problem. The kits include batteries as well.


Electrical testing equipment is used for creating signals and capturing responses from electrical devices that are under testing phase. It is used to ensure the proper functioning of system and identifying the existing faults. These equipment are majorly used in engineering and assembly tasks and while performing the production testing or troubleshooting units in the field. You can find all types of electrical testing equipment online of high-quality brands and at budget price rates.

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