A Sneak Peek into 5 Top Selling Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are widely used for grinding and polishing jobs in the metalworking and construction industry. The marketplace is awash with plenty of angle grinders.  Some angle grinders models have stayed ahead of the curve and beaten their rival models by a mile. Here's a sneak peek into five top-selling grinders.

1.        Bosch GWS 750 100 - 100 mm Angle Grinder: The Bosch GWS 750 100 - 100 mm Angle Grinder has a unique motor platform which boasts of extra power and torque. For super-fast cutting, this angle grinder makes the best use of a 750-watt motor and best-in-class no load speed of 11000 revolutions per minute. This angle grinder from Bosch has a rounded handle bar which makes it comfortable for the user to use the tool for extended hours. Bosch GWS 750 100 - 100 mm angle grinder has an efficient air-flow system to keep high temperatures in check.

Bosch GWS 750 Angle Grinder

2.        Bosch GWS600 - 4-inch Angle Grinder: Bosch GWS600 angle grinder is nothing short of a power-packed tool thanks to its excellent features. This angle grinder comes with a handy restart and kickback stop feature and ensures user safety. This 4-inch angle grinder from Bosch has a flat gear head which makes it easy to use even in tighter spaces. It has armoured coils for extra endurance. An anti-rotation protective guard makes this angle grinder extra safe.

Bosch GWS 600 Angle Grinder

3.        Black & Decker G720R - 820W 100 mm Small Angle Grinder: Black & Decker G720R - 820W 100 mm small angle grinder is used mostly for grinding and polishing of metal surfaces, sheets, and granite slabs. The metal gear case of the Black & Decker angle grinder ensures better longevity of the tool. This ergonomically designed angle grinder has a 3-position side handle coupled with an easy to use, and convenient dust sealed slide switch.

Black & Decker G720R Small Angle Grinder

4.       Bosch GWS 900 100 - 100 mm Angle Grinder: Bosch GWS 900 100 - 100 mm angle grinder is a robust tool powered by a 900-watt motor. The angle grinder has a disc diameter of 100 mm and operates beautifully at an optimal no-load speed of 11000 revolutions per minute. This angle grinder from Bosch is durable, fast, and easy to use thanks to superior ergonomic design.

Bosch GWS 900 Angle Grinder

5.        Dewalt DW803 - 1000W, 100mm Small Angle Grinder: Dewalt DW803 Small Angle Grinder has an advanced fan system which enhances the longevity of 1000-watt motor by ensuring maximum airflow. This angle grinder has a spindle lock. This spindle lock makes it easier to change discs without any hassle. This Dewalt angle grinder has a compact gear case designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by amateurs and professionals alike.

Dewalt DW 803 Angle Grinder
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