A sneak-peek at must-have power tools for drilling and chipping jobs.

Rotary drills, popularly known as precision drills, or impact drills are used widely in various woodworking and carpentry jobs for drilling and chipping tasks. Hammer drills and rotary hammer drills are capable of generating strong impact force to work for masonry applications. Hammer drills can be used for simple drilling by turning off the hammering function.

Listed below are some popular models used for drilling applications:

Dewalt D25133K - 800W, 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill

Dewalt D25133K

Dewalt is known for making super-fast rotary hammer drills and is known for its robustness. Dewalt D25133K is a high-performance 800W hammer drill. It is designed to deliver  2.6 joules of high impact energy and deliver super-fast drilling and chipping speed.  This 26mm rotary hammer drill tool is equipped with a rotating brush ring that rotates in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This tool offers you maximum speed and guarantees superior performance. The integral clutch in the hammer drill machine stops jams due to sudden reactions of high torque. This rotary hammer drill is super lightweight and compact to improve  the ease in portability. This rotary hammer works well with the D25301D drilling dust absorption system. To put it succinctly, Dewalt D25133K - 800W, 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill has all the trappings of one of the best professional tools.

Salient Features:

Efficient and powerful 800 watt motor with drilling speed of 1500 rpm

Integral clutch system with a rotating brush ring

Utilitarian reverse function to remove jammed drill bits


Highly effective in drilling

Lightweight and durable

High-performance tool

Bosch GBM 13 RE - 600W Professional Rotary Drill:

Bosch GBM 13 RE

Among rotary drills, the Bosch GBM 13 RE is a pretty decent choice. The 600W Professional Rotary Drill packs both power and performance. The Bosch GBM 13 RE has high strength and compact helical gear that makes it extra durable. This rotary drilling tool can be used in drill stands because of the spindle collar diameter of 43mm. There is an ergonomic switch for electronic speed control and a rotatable brush plate for forward and reverse directional movements. This electric rotary drill provides a drilling diameter of 30mm in wood and 13mm in steel and aluminum.

Salient Features:

Super strong 600W motor

Sturdy and precise sintered bearing bracket

Electronic Speed Control

Spindle collar diameter of 43mm

Allows forward/reverse movement with rotatable brush plate

Ergonomically designed soft-grip handle

Easy to use, a practical belt clip


Durable structure

Can be used in drill stands

Fatigue-free handling design

Easy speed control

Bosch GBM 6 - 350W Professional Rotary Drill:

Bosch GBM 6

The compact and precise Bosch GBM 6 - 350W Professional Rotary Drill is a powerful electric rotary drill. The 350W Professional Rotary Drills from Bosch are great for heavy-duty applications. This relatively light-weight rotary drilling tool has a range of 15mm in wood, 6.5mm in steel and 6mm in aluminum. It has a ball-bearing construction that ensures the longevity of the tool. The Bosch GBM 6 offers a sintered bearing bracket for accurate and robust drilling. The ergonomic gripping function ensures that the tool can be used for an extended period. This rotary drill also comes with a belt clip for ease of handling.

Salient Features

No-load speed of 4000 rpm

Strong 350W motor

0.5-6.5mm chuck capacity

Strong and durable helical gear

High strength and precision sintered bracket-bearing

Ergonomically designed belt grip


Precise and accurate drilling

Powerful and strong

Durable ball-bearing construction

Compact and easy to handle