9 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Water Heater

There was a time when people used to heat the water in a pot over a stove or open fire. Thanks to advanced technology, we can heat the water using an innovative product called a water heater. One of the tedious tasks in the winter season is to take a bath during chilly mornings. To simplify this situation, you must have a good water heater. It will save the time and energy that is required for heating the bathwater in the daytime hassle. Let us now see various key factors to be considered while choosing a new water heater for your home.

Essential Factors to consider when choosing a New Water Heater:

Capacity – It is necessary to know the capacity requirement while choosing the water heater. The smaller tank water heater is suitable for the nuclear family. Capacity is decided based on the usage that includes kitchen and bathroom. For freezing weather, it is suggested to opt for the larger capacity water heater.

Quality of Tank – The areas with a hard water supply need a high-quality storage tank and good heating element material. It is good to go for corrosion-resistant water heaters for reliable, efficient and long-lasting performance.

Water Quality – Usually, we forget to check the water quality that can cause damage to your water heater. As hard water consists of a high level of mineral salts like calcium, magnesium, etc. These components can cause scaling to your heater and thus reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Hence, it is suggested to select that appliance suitable for your supplied water type.

Safety features – As it is rightly said, prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is good to have various safety features in the water system like a pressure release valve, vacuum release valve, thermal protection, etc.

Energy Consumption – This factor is important while considering the power bills that you will get after installing the water heater. It depends on various factors like water volume required, the temperature of input water, the climate of the location, temperature preference by the user, standing heat loss due to the non-usage of already heated water.

Installation Area – The wall or floor space required is to be checked before selecting the heater. It is necessary to have a designated spot with easy connectivity to both inlet and outlet faucets for easy maintenance and repair.

Warranty – The warranty period for a water heater usually ranges between 3 to 12 years. The water heaters with an extended warranty period generally come at higher price rates. These types of geysers generally come with larger burners and a thicker insulation system. It is good to have a water heater with a more extended warranty period.

After Sales Service – A water heater is a sensitive appliance that needs extra care and regular maintenance for long-term performance. Therefore, having a geyser with after-sales service support is essential if you face any trouble with the heater’s functioning.

Artificial Intelligence – Due to advanced technology, we are privileged to have a smart water heater option too. It possesses digital displays to monitor water temperature levels and adjust the mode of operation. Users can also set a vacation mode to reduce the energy consumption levels when they are not around. Vacation mode allows the user to control the device remotely. However, these appliances are a bit expensive.


The new water heater is a one-time investment for your home and family’s daily needs. Thus, it is necessary to select the right geyser suitable for your home as you don’t have to replace it sooner for at least the next 15 to 20 years. We have a wide range of water heaters available on our website. Get the best water heater now and beat the coldness this winter.