6 Alternative Use of A Leaf blower, Other Than Blowing Leaf

Since the end of the last ice age, trees and plants, the most beautiful part of mother earth, have experienced a remarkable phenomenon- “shedding of leaves”, starting every autumn as well as at the onset of the dry season. These fallen leaves accumulated on driveways, sidewalks, or lawns, can spoil the beauty of your yard. With the invention of leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, maintaining lawn/yard has become a cakewalk. Well, the primary purpose of the leaf blower is to -blow leaves- and that is what leaf blowers should be used for. But do you know your leaf blower can help you dry your vehicle or clean your roof- Yup! This versatile power tool can help you to finish many works in and around the home and garden. Let’s discuss what can be the alternative use of leaf blower, other than blowing leaf-

Cleaning Rooftop

From how many weeks you didn’t clean the roof, entrances, window shades, and balconies. Are these places beyond the reach of your dusting cloth? Probably yes, it is not easy to reach these places; try leaf blowers!

Car Dryer

After washing your car with Jet, you can instantly dry your leaf blower and hit your journey. In natural air drying, you can get water spots. However, you need to make sure that you are using a blower on a wet- surface, else it will be counterproductive, and you will pick up a load of mud on your car.

Clean Pathway

Leaf blower/air blower can clean pathways, driveway, and entrance in big apartment complexes, societies, and individual houses. A powerful air stream blows away the dust, debris from every corner of pathways and other tight spaces with no effort.

Clean Lawn Mowers

Cleaning a greasy, dirty lawnmower looks like a tedious job. However, a clean machine can make grass cuttings more efficient and fast. You can clean off lawn tractors with air blowers.

Blowing snow and selfie

During the winter season, leaf blowers can be used to blow snow from the top of your car, roof and take beautiful shots and memories. This can be good for getting rid of dry, powdery snow.

Maintaining Lawn

A leaf blower can be used to maintain artificial grass and turf. The blower can remove leaves, weeds and other debris from the surface without damaging grass fibres. As synthetic grass does not grow back, maintaining and preventing the thread from damage is one way to keep your turf looking new.