5 Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometer

There are various benefits of using the infrared thermometer device. Thus, it was in high demand during the COVID-19 phase. But along with the benefits, there were a lot of rumors present about the infrared thermometer. Because of this, it became crucial for people to get the correct information about the device before buying it. Thus, we came up with a blog highlighting some common myths about the infrared thermometer. It will help you avoid the existing misconceptions and get a clear idea about this medical appliance.

Common Misconceptions of Infrared Thermometer:

  • Contactless IR Thermometer can damage the brain: IR Thermometer uses the same kind of waves as TV remote control. There is a myth that these waves can cause blindness and damage the glands in the brain. It is not true as the device reads the body surface temperature. This temperature is then converted into the internal temperature.
  • The laser reads the temperature: It is wrong to understand that the laser reads the temperature. The laser helps the user aim it at the right part of the body. It is suggested to be careful while aiming the device at a particular surface to avoid interference from the surrounding objects.
  • IR Thermometer identifies the internal temperature: These thermometers read just the object's thermal radiation. Thus, it doesn't tell you the internal temperature of the tested object. E.g. Cooking – IR Thermometer is useful for measuring the pan temperature or surface temperature of foods. But it won't identify the internal temperature. The probe thermometer is used to check if the steak is cooked properly from inside.
  • IR Thermometer can measure all the surfaces: Infrared thermometer cannot measure all the surfaces equally. The different characters require emissivity value adjustments. This factor measures the efficiency of surface-emitting energy and is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. This device takes more accurate measurements of high emissivity surfaces.
  • Contactless Forehead Thermometers Detect Covid-19: It helps identify a fever, a symptom of many ailments, including Covid-19. IR Thermometer cannot fully detect the Covid-19 disease, but it can identify people currently showing COVID symptoms.