5 Best Safety Reflective Jackets Under Rs. 100

While there is no job that is entirely risk-free, there are few professions, like construction, railway and highway, airport, traffic control, or other places where workers are near moving vehicles or in dark areas, are far more dangerous and where the risk of dying is tenfold higher than the average worker. Taking care of safety measures in a challenging and complex industrial environment will make workers psychologically safe, and they will be able to work with full attention and dedication at the workplace.

Safety at work takes effort; it's not the norm. But it is worth the effort. To build a safety culture, you need to ensure that all employees/workers are following the security protocols. So, if you are working in an industrial environment, it is essential to work after wearing all the safety gears. Safety jackets/protective vests/shirts like neon apparels are designed to keep the wearer clearly in view in the dark so that mishaps can be avoided. These safety gears that are necessary to keep personnel visible to other people, especially when working along roads or other places. Here the top 5 safety reflective jackets that are available under 100 bucks.  

Prima PSJ 04 - Net Jacket with 2 inches Reflective Tape

Colour- Red

Price-64 Rs. per piece

Prima PSJ 04 - Net Jacket with Reflective Tape does one thing exceptionally well: it ensures that you stand out in the dark! It is made of Polyester material. This lightweight, half sleeves, red safety jacket comes with 2-inch reflective tape (both front and back sides) and makes the wearer visible from a distance. This breathable, cost-effective jacket is also appropriate for nightriders and late-night dog walkers.

Nova Safe - 2 inches, 70 GSM Cloth Orange Colour Prime Reflective Safety Jacket

Colour- Orange

Price-64 Rs. per piece

The Nova Safe 2-inch reflective safety jackets are the best workwear for those working in construction sites or other areas where visibility is critical. The jacket is made of orange colour cloth with 70 GSM thickness. The 70 GSM cloth orange colour prime reflective safety jacket makes locating the wearer very easy. It comes with a flap-type closure that allows this reflective safety jacket to be put on and removed with ease.

Oriental Enterprises Yellow Reflective Jacket

Color- Orange, green, blue, maroon

Price-55 Rs. per piece

The Oriental Enterprises Reflective Jackets are designed with reflective bands that can be used for the workers in construction sites, industries, traffic and or other areas where visibility is essential. Made with durable polyester material, this jacket is flame and shrink resistant.

Ladwa Reflective Jacket

Colour- Green

Price- 98.00 Approx

Specifically designed for workers in traffic police or road safety, the Ladwa Reflective Jacket is made of world-class quality polystyrene material and standards. The lightweight safety jacket is Crack Resistant, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It can be used by police, construction sites, road works, paramedics rescue workers, etc.

Source India Safari Pro 2' Inch Reflective Safety Jacket

Colour- Green

Price- 60.00 Approx

Made with polyester material, these Source India safari Pro 2' Inch Reflective safety jackets are designed under the supervision of our skilled professionals using superb quality fabric.