5 Best Brands to Buy Fingerprint Scanners for your Office

Consider these scenarios-

“A thumbprint left at the scene of a murder in an office.

The police took Fingerprints from the doors and windows in a bank robbery.

A palm print recovered from the glass window from home in an apartment building.”

These unpleasant incidents are not part of some detective novels and movies; these are some real-life events that had happened earlier in almost every country, and can happen again anytime, anywhere, if you are not alert. The motive is not to scare you, but to keep you secure and alert from unknown threats.

This is the reason fingerprint identification has become a crucial part of our lives. We are using these in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices etc. At the workplace, more and more organizations are using fingerprint scanners to keep an eye on employee’s attendance and cost-effective security solutions. This post will include How does Fingerprint scanner works and what are the top 5 brands in this sector-

How does a Fingerprint Scanner work?

Unlike password-based systems, which can be cracked, Biometric user authentication, especially fingerprint scanners, is a sophisticated security system that offers more excellent protection and control over information access. Fingerprints are a hallmark of each person. A fingerprint scanner is an electronic device that reads the picture of the finger, including its papillary patterns and then communicates the scan to a computer program. Then, this scanned image is compared with the sample image already stored in the computer program. If it matches, then a biometric password is created and allowed access.

Top 5 Brands of the Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanning technologies have evolved. Here are the top brands of Fingerprint scanners.

1- Startek Engineering Inc.

Established in 1989, Startek is a leading company in providing biometrics products and solutions. For the last two decades, the company has been manufacturing and delivering consumer-ready fingerprint identification products. The brand offers fingerprint image sensors, fingerprint readers, an embedded fingerprint identification scanner, and BioServer. A product like Startek FM220U - Certified Fingerprint Scanner is based on advanced fingerprint recognition technology to fulfil the demand for information security and business interaction in any business set-up.

Startek FM220U - Certified Fingerprint Scanner

2- 3M Cogent Inc.

3M Cogent, the wholly owned subsidiary of 3M Company, offers reliable biometric identification solutions worldwide. A century-old company manufactures and provides identity management solutions, Automated Biometric Identification Systems and biometric access control products to governments, law enforcement agencies, and commercial customers. 3M Co. is a US-based technology company known for developing industrial, safety and consumer products. The products like 3M Cogent CSD 200 - Fingerprint Scanner and 3M CS500E - Cogent Tenprint Scanner ( Gemalto) allow the real-time identification of individuals at any place.

3M Cogent CSD 200 - Fingerprint Scanner

3- Realscan Biometrics

Realscan Biometrics is a leading private forensic fingerprint service company in India, known to provide quality biometric service. With the experience of over 14 years. The company offers its fingerprint service to individuals, groups, private organizations, and government agencies. The Delhi based company offers a qualified Fingerprint Expert, Forensic Experts, Forensic Scientists, FBI Fingerprint Experts, State Police Clearance Certificate. The products like RealScan G 10 - Fingerprint Scanner can be used in offices, homes and government agencies.

RealScan G 10 - Fingerprint Scanner

4- Green Bit Biometrics

From the last three decades, Green Bit, a Turin (Italy), offers a complete product line of FBI certified biometric products, from single finger, rolled, 10-print up to palm Livescans, specially designed for Law Enforcement and ID Management agencies. Greenbelt Dactyscan84C - Fingerprint Scanner is a high-speed FBI certified 10-print Live Fingerprint scanner that lets you scan in high resolution and then convert it in any format. The brand is working worldwide with subsidiaries in the US, Kazakhstan and China.

Greenbit Dactyscan 84C - Fingerprint Scanner

5- CMI tech Fingerprint Scanner

Started in 2009 by Dr JJ Chae and few other highly experienced engineers, CMITech is a well-known company that provides high performance, cost-effective Irris scanning systems for the global identity management market. Iris recognition technology is more advanced than face recognition and fingerprinting technology. The brand offers an advanced face recognition terminal, dual iris recognition system, Iris recognition module, dual Iris imager and ID management systems. CMI Tech BMT 20 - Binoculars Dual Iris Recognition System for Biometric Enrolment can take an image in 0.5 seconds with proper head placement.

CMI Tech BMT 20 - Binoculars Dual Iris Recognition System for Biometric Enrolment
High quality CMOS-based optical reader. It captures images and verifies fingerprints with high speed. FM-220U has been widely used in system-wide enrolment and verification applications as a stand-alone or embedded device.. ISO compliant. Low image distortion - under 1%. Fast scanning and matching speed. Options to set different security levels for different application FRR/FAR demand. Small fingerprint data template size. Real-life applications - no problem in verifying smeared, scarred, stained and smudged fingers. Support verification on various OS platforms 3 Startek FM220U - Certified Fingerprint Scanner Buy Now
Scratch Proof. Light Weight. Low Maintenance. Identification Method: Fingerprint. Backup Options: USB. Power Requirement: USB powered. Identification Speed: Less than 1 sec. Certification: FBI-PIV-071006 and FIPS 201 PIV. 3M Cogent CSD 200 - Fingerprint Scanner Buy Now
Fbi iafis appendix f certification. Advanced rolled image construction technology. Extra wide platen for easier capturing. Rugged ip54 dust and waterproof structure. Powerful internal dsp RealScan G 10 - Fingerprint Scanner Buy Now
Greenbit Dactyscan 84C - Fingerprint Scanner Buy Now
State of the Art Optical Design. Single Sensor Design. Long Internal Optical Path. Dedicated, on-Board Image Processor Supports very High Speed, Simultaneous Capture of Subjects Irises. All Solid-State Design No Moving Parts and Near-Real Time Off-Axis Gaze Detection. Time of Capture: Typically Around 0.5 sec, from Time of Proper Head Placement. CMI Tech BMT 20 - Binoculars Dual Iris Recognition System for Biometric Enrolment Buy Now