10 Must have Tools for Everyday Gardening Purpose

India stands second in terms of farm outputs worldwide. As per the statistics of 2018, 50% of the Indian workforce was engaged in agricultural tasks. It has contributed 17-18 % to the country’s GDP. This facts and figures reflect the importance of agriculture in our country. There are also various benefits of doing farming like reduction in stress, maintaining the heart health, improvement in hand strength, growing vegetables and fruits for financial health, improving the family health, etc.

Even beginners should have a basic knowledge of farming. Farming when done with wrong gardening tools, can end up causing a blunder in farmlands. One of the most common mistakes that one can make is not having the right equipment for farming. You should at least have basic tools like seeder, walk-in cooler, some other small machinery, consumer refrigerators, etc.

To address this problem, Shakedeal has come up with a wide range of agriculture and gardening tool that proves to be the correct equipment for your projects.

List of Essential Gardening Tools that you Need to Buy:

Find out below the elaborated detail of best gardening tools for further use and application. This will help you in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the gardening process.

Chain Saws – Electric chain saw, and petrol chain saw are its two types. It is a portable, mechanical tool which cuts with the help of teeth attached to the rotating chain. It is commonly used for tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning and harvesting of firewood. It comes with the chain brakes, chain catcher and rear handle guard for safety purpose.

Trenchers – It is used to dig trenches, especially for laying pipes or electrical cables. It comes in different sizes digging specifications depending upon width and depth of trench and hardness of work piece. Wheel, chain, micro, portable and tractor mount are few of the types of trenchers.

Cultivators & Harvesters – It is used for secondary tillage. It refers to frames with teeth and is also known as shanks. It is used to stir and pulverize the soil either before planting or after the crop has begun to grow. They are of the toothed type and another type where teeth work near the surface for weed control and other types where teeth work beneath the surface.

Garden Rakes –  It is a form of broom used to scrap together and collect leaves, hays, grass, etc. It consists of toothed bar fixed transversely to the handle. It is also used for loosening of soil, light weeding and leveling, removing dead grass from lawn and other similar activities. They come in different forms like star wheel rakes, rotary rakes, etc.

Garden Shovels – It is used for digging, lifting, moving bulk materials, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand, etc. They come underhand tools consisting of a broad blade fixed to a medium-length handle. It is usually made up of sheet steel or hard plastic, and thus it has high strength.

Lawn Movers – It comes in different source types, namely electric, manual and petrol mode lawnmowers. It is a portable and powerful machine. It is used with the help of revolving blades to cut the grass surface to an even height. The operation of blades depends on the type of machine user have selected. Lawn Movers is an ideal tool to trim the grass on small & large lawns, gardens or residential areas.

Trimmers – They are also known as weed eaters, weed whackers, line trimmers or brush cutters. It is mainly used for cutting low foliage near obstacles or on the irregular terrain surface. It has a rotating spindle from which the string protrudes that is attached at the other end of the long shaft. It also has a handle for good holding grip. It has two types – grass trimmers and hedge trimmers. They are having features like zero-emission, portable and operates with less vibration.

Blowers – It is the tool that propels air out of the nozzle to move all the dust and debris such as leaves and grass cutting to clear the space. It is powered by electric or gasoline motor. It is made up of an ergonomic design to improve the longevity of the device. It works like a vacuum pump system. It usually comes with an auto decompressor facility with the help of which the air pressure can be reduced automatically. It has an anti-vibration feature which makes an easy operation of the device.

High-pressure washers – It has a high power motor that helps in good cleaning in a shorter period. There is an auto-stop function in various pressure washers that ensures energy saving and efficiency. It usually has sturdy wheels and fold-able handle that helps in saving a lot of space in storage. High Pressure Washers can be used for multipurpose cleaning tasks.

Sprayers – It is used to spray a liquid or water as a weed killer, crop performance material, pest maintenance chemicals, etc. It is used to apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on agricultural crops. It comes in various size and design suitable for tractor and land size. It is versatile tool for various uses like spot applications, gardens, crops, trees, fruits, grooves, vineyards, livestock needs, weed control, etc.

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