10 Must Have Multi-purpose Hand Tool kits for Home Renovation & DIY Repair works

It is prevalent to have tool kits for various DIY projects at home or in domestic use. These home renovation tool kits usually end up in the garage or storage room and are used very rarely. But it is good to have Basic tool kits that prove to be a savior in certain situations like home repairs, renovations, modifications, hanging curtains, assembling a raised garden bed and furniture, etc. The DIY tool kits for home repairs are helpful in common home problems like leaky faucets, crooked cabinets, unsticking sticky doors and windows, etc. Thus, have a look at specific basic tool kits that are beneficial for every household use.

List of Basic Tool Kit Everyone must-have for home use:

Hammer - It is mainly used for hammering nails, while a claw hammer is used to remove unwanted nails. Hammer is also helpful in hanging pictures, light demolition work, installing laminate flooring and closing paint cans. The tool comes in different sizes and weights.

Set of PliersIt is a versatile tool used for multiple purposes equipped with opposing jaws. Some of its typical applications include gripping, bending and cutting purposes. Pliers are used to loosen or tighten bolts, hold objects in place, remove pins and nails, fasteners, etc. With the help of cross braces of pliers, users can bend and twist things like nails, sheet metal and wire.

Set of Screw-drivers It is suggested to have the interchangeable head, flat head, Phillips, Allen key and poker screwdrivers. The battery-powered screwdrivers come with a variety of magnetic head types. They come with different shaped heads of different widths to fit into the tool. When selecting a screwdriver set, some crucial factors are size, the handle's grip, blades and tips quality, shank quality, brand type, etc. It is essential to have a screwdriver set to finish some regular basic tasks like opening a switchboard or on a screw head for screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts.

Cordless drill kits - They operate on a rechargeable battery that fits in the bottom of the drill handle. It allows users to work from any place without worrying about the power outlet. The important factors of cordless drill kits include the battery, chuck, light, reverse switch, speed, trigger and volts. Cordless drills kits are suitable for small household chores as they are confined in numerous ways. They are effortless to carry and an ideal option for tiny places.

Orbital Sander It is mainly used for smoothing the surface by abrasion. Orbital sander comes in various designs suitable for different applications. They are suitable also for uneven areas, tight spots, small or large boards, fine veneers, plywood and wood. The machine works by vibrating in small circles, and the user can move them in the desired direction. Bosch, Hitachi and Makita are some of the renowned brands in the orbital sander tool.

Tape measureA measuring tape is a flexible ruler made of various materials like fiber-glass, plastic, and cloth. The tape measure is very useful in measuring lengths and distances. It comes in 2 types of units Imperial Units (inches and feet) and metric units (centimeters and meters), along with unit breakdown for further accuracy. This measuring tool is beneficial for measuring hanging curtain rods, laying tile floors, etc. Some of its unique features include self-marking properties, a digital display for electronic readouts, durable casing to provide extra protection, and magnetic tape to reduce the risk of slippage.

Allen wrenches - They are the form of handheld tool mainly used for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. Allen wrenches come in different sizes suitable for various applications like repair and maintenance of bicycles, furniture repair, automobiles, tools and electronics. When choosing Allen wrenches, various essential factors include the type of application, material, chamfered vs non chamfered, length, storage, additional features, etc.

Utility KnifeIt is generally used for everyday manual work purposes. A utility knife is a form of a versatile tool with durable cutting edges. They are suitable for tough work like cutting, scraping hides, butchering, cleaning fish scales, reshaping timber, etc. Users can also use this knife for delicate tasks like carving and papercutting. Its special properties include heavy-duty use, compact size, lightweight, quick release option, attractive blade design, etc.

Saw kit Saw is basically used for general home repairs and improvements. They are preferred for making quick and clean cuts in wood. The hand saws are lightweight and easy to handle. The different types of saws consist of rip cut, pull, back, bow, keyhole and pruning. When choosing the saw kit, specific vital parameters include blade material, blade size, drill bits, power source, speed, etc.

Clamps and Levels A clamp is a form of fastening valuable tool for welding and carpentry. It holds the object tightly at a dedicated place and prevents it from moving while repairing or building. C Clamp is a type that is used for different purposes like woodworking and metalworking tasks. F clamps are used for widening purposes like welding and metalworking. The spring clamp is beneficial for preventing object movement in one axis that isn’t receiving the load. It is an ideal option for woodworking tasks that counts speed as an essential parameter.

Our Best-selling Domestic Tool Kit available online:

Venus VCWB - 32mm Wood Chisel With Bevelled Edges - It is a multi-functional kit suitable for DIY projects. This general-purpose user friendly kit consists of a sturdy adjustable wrench, highly durable pipe wrench, screwdriver set with 5 blades, hammer, and combination plier. Its key features include strong and durable equipment, rust-free tools and combination of utility tools for domestic use.

Venus VCWB - 32mm Wood Chisel With Bevelled Edges

Taparia 1021 - Home Tool Kit - It is used for common household tasks like fixing door hinges, drilling jobs, etc. Taparia Home Tool Kit consists of hammers, screwdrivers, 3 in 1 tester, pliers, knife, nylon washers, insulation tape and m-seal element.

Taparia 1021 - Home Tool Kit


Having the right household repairs toolkit will reduce your dependency on experts or professionals to accomplish home projects. These home tool kits help repair the damage, bend the metals, remove nails, reach the confined place, etc. So, go ahead and find out your choice of home utility tool kit for your home renovation or repair projects. To know more about the basic toolkits, click here.