Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Practising hand hygiene is necessary and useful in keeping infections and infectious diseases at bay. In the event of a covid-19 pandemic, usage of cleanliness and personal hygiene is being stressed upon aggressively by public authorities and civil society at large. Frequent hand washing is recommended at regular intervals to keep your hands germ-free. Hand sanitizers, therefore, are in huge demand these days. Let's have a look at some best  hand sanitizer brands in India.

1.Sterillium: Sterillium hand sanitizers have exceptional skin tolerability and offer maximum safety against germs and viruses. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer is useful in surgical hand disinfection within 30 seconds. Sterillium hand sanitizers are ready to use and one of the best when it comes to quality rub-in hand disinfectants. Due to its brilliant skin-friendly composition, Sterillium hand sanitizers are loved by millions.

Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

2. Savlon: Savlon hand sanitizers, manufactured by ITC, are powered by a new formula capable of offering advanced protection against germs and enveloped as well as non enveloped viruses. This hand sanitizer is effective in killing bacteria and fungi. Savlon sanitizers are useful to all frontline workers and professionals in healthcare domain. Their efficacy in in ensuring hand sanitization makes them perfect for everyday use. Savlon sanitizers are available in 500ml pump pack and refill pack of 500ml.

Savlon Hand Sanitizer

3. Dettol: Dettol instant hand sanitizers kill 99.99 per cent of germs and harmful bacteria without using water. Hand sanitizers from Dettol offer the best "on-the-go" protection and widely popular thanks to their rinse-free and non-sticky nature. Dettol hand sanitizers are available in a pack of 25ml,50ml, and 200ml.

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

4. Lifebuoy: Lifebuoy hand sanitizers are enriched with skin friendly moisturizers and Vitamin E to ensure that your hands remain smooth and germ free.  Hand sanitizers from Lifebuoy are available in gel form and offer protection against germs and viruses. These hand sanitizers are easy to carry and are widely used by office goers and travellers alike.

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

5. Godrej : Godrej protekt hand sanitizers are gel-based and get rid of germs and viruses without using soap and water. This hand sanitizer has 60 per cent alcohol content, and it not only protects your hands from bacteria but leaves a long-lasting pleasant fragrance. Godrej protekt hand sanitizer is enriched with glycerine to offer skin-friendly germ protection for you and your family.

Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

6. Dabur: Dabur hand sanitizers are available in three pleasant fragrances- strawberry, lemon and regular. Dabur is one of the most trusted Ayurvedic brands in India, is quite popular in metros cities and tier II and tier III towns alike. Non-sticky and rinse-free sanitizer from Dabur is available in 500 ml packs.

Dabur Hand Sanitizer

7. Multani : Multani hand sanitizers are made up of ayurvedic solution. Hand sanitizers from Multani are gel-based and are effective in combating various viruses and bacteria. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer  should be kept away from fire as it may catch fire.  Multani hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, neem and glycerine.

Multani Hand Sanitizer

8. Corvil : Corvil hand sanitizers are anti-bacterial and organic. These hand sanitizers have 70% alcohol content and are useful in killing 99.99 % of harmful germs and bacteria. This gel-based hand sanitizer has aloe vera and neem ingredients which ensure that your hands are moisturized and are germ-free.

Corvil Hand Sanitizer

9. Trust: Trust liquid hand sanitizers and disinfectants have 80 % alcohol content and 1.45% glycerol which prevents alcohol from evaporating quickly. This eco-friendly hand sanitizer is effective in destroying 99.99 % of germs and bacteria.

Trust Liquid Hand Sanitizer

10. DCM Shriram : DCM Shriram hand sanitizers are best suited for providing protection against disease causing germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizers from DCM Shriram are ethyl alcohol based and are quite effective in killing 99.99 % germs.

DCM Shriram Hand Sanitizer

You can buy these hand sanitizer brands online and get exciting deals on bulk buying of hand hygiene essentials.

Top 10 Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Sl.No Hand Sanitizer Brands
1 Sterillium
2 Savlon
3 Dettol
4 Lifebuoy
5 Godrej
6 Dabur
7 Multani
8 Corvil
9 Trust
10 DCM Shriram