Best Manual Sprayers for Domestic & Agricultural Purposes

Remember those vintage sprayers with pumps? There is a remarkable evolution of manual sprayers since then. Well, in a layman's language, sprayers are devices used to…

Sharat Chandra

Avail EMI option on ShakeDeal, the easy way

Want to buy a product that is out of your budget? ShakeDeal will make  buying easy for you by offering EMI's on all your preferred products.…

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Top 10 Best Work Boots For Construction Sites

#Safety Boots #Safety Shoes

Work boots act as a big savior for all the workers that are working on different types of job projects. These workers have to stand and…

Priya Tiple

Work-from-home Quarantines: 7 Tips to Stay Productive

#work-from-home #Quarantines

In the age of COVID-19, millions of people losing their jobs, or bound to shut down their businesses for many weeks, you are privileged if you…

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How to maintain air conditioners?

As summers are around the corner, mercury levels will shoot up enough to cause discomfort. How do you make sure that you have done enough to…

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Workplace Hygiene: Ways to reduce sick days and enhance employee wellness

Is it possible to avoid contact with employees who are unwell at the workplace? There's no straight answer. But there are  various ways in which the…

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Top 5 Best Heat Guns for Repairs and Maintenance

#Dewalt #Bosch

Did you ever enjoy water gunfight as a kid? Did you like watching Star Wars rebels and shooting up Imperial bases with virtual guns? I am…

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Coronavirus : Can airpurifiers help?

In the wake of the global outbreak, where the virus is spreading in communities in more than 140 countries and affecting people across the globe, medical…

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Top 5 Best Air- Pollution Masks in India

#Air pollution masks, #Face Masks

The air around the world is getting polluted. Pollutants are being added to the environment. Streets are noisy. More and more vehicles are running on the…

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