Top 5 Power Packed Drilling Machines, All Under 1000 Rupees

#Drill machine #electric drill machine #Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping

Would you like to call a professional carpenter/woodworker for small woodworking DIY projects like creating holes for fixing nails in walls or assembling furniture? Don’…

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Top 5 tool bags, All Under 1000 Rupees

#India #Industrial Products #Online shopping

Here is the riddle for you; The bag industry is flooding with brands and products. Every week a new product pops up. Have you ever thought…

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Best Jigsaw Machines in India

#Power Tools #Saws

Jig Saw machine is a power tool consisting of the reciprocating blade to cut wood, metal or materials. It is usually electrically powered and employed with…

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Smart Harvesting: Top 5 Best Harvesters in India

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #harvester #India

Agriculture, with its allied sector, is undoubtedly the largest livelihood provider in India, as two-thirds of the country's total population still depends on farming. With time…

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Looking for Submersible Pumps? Top 10 Submersible pumps In India

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Gardening tools #submersible pumps

Even after having large river beds like Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra, which provide water for over a billion people in India, many people in cities and…

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Top 5 pocket-friendly safety glasses

#safety glasses #Eye wear

Whether you are working in a construction site, hospital, laboratory, mechanic shop, or any other place, you need to cover your eyes to protect yourself from…

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Uses of Vernier Caliper in various Industrial Sector

#Measuring & Layout Tools #Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper is a measuring and layout tool typically used for measuring linear dimensions. It can measure the outer dimension using the main jaw, inner dimensions…

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Different Types of Modern Office Furniture

#Office Supplies #furniture #desk supplies

While you start with the planning of new furniture for your office set up, the first thing that comes to your mind is chairs, tables, and…

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Know All About The Moisture Meter

#Temperature & Humidity Measuring #Testing & Measuring Instruments

Moisture Meter is a Temperature and Humidity Measuring Instrument used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. It is generally used to determine…

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