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Black & Decker is an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, gardening tools, and cleaning equipment. It has the power to drill wood, plastic, and metal. With the help of lithium-ion batteries, the device can be operated for a longer time.

Black & Decker industrial heavy-duty Grinders available online:

The body of the device is covered with the unique material that improves the body grip, and thus the user can hold it firmly while working. It is usually preferred for metal grinding, polishing, stone, and granite cuttings. Also, it has a dual-sealed lock-on switch that allows you to use the device for a long time. It is light in weight and has a metallic gear housing for performing the tough jobs. Also, it can be operated in both single and 3 phase mode.

Best-selling Black & Decker Power Grinders:

Black & Decker G720R - 820W 100 mm Small Angle Grinder - It is ideal for grinding, polishing, and cutting of metal sheets.

Black & Decker G650 - 650 W Small Angle Grinder - It is suitable for cutting stones and ceramics. There is an adjustable guard added in the system to offer the required protection.

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