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Bench Grinders

Purchase strong & tough Bench Grinders at ideal price on Shakedeal. Buy Bench Grinders from assorted brands like Bosch, Dewalt, Ferm, Makita, Metabo & Stanley.

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Buy Bench Grinders online at lowest prices in India

What are bench grinders in power tools?

Bench grinders are widely used in metal fabrication and machine shops. These devices are also used to shape, sharpen, polish, or clean any metal object material. These grinders are designed to feature a bench top with a grinding machine to propel abrasive wheels. Some of the grinders are mounted on a pedestal which is generally bolted to the floor. These grinders are used for rough grinding jobs. These bench grinders can be used to sharpen cutting tools such as chisels and gouges. For polishing jobs, buffing wheels or wire brush can be used for bench grinders. Most of the bench grinders use vitreous- bond wheels. Bench grinders come with wheel guards to keep the user safe. The machines should be operated within permissible RPM limits as prescribed by the manufacturer. Exceeding the RPM can cause the wheel to explode and prove hazardous. Bench grinders may require wheel dressing to restore roundness and bring a fresh grinding edge to the machine.

Wide range of bench grinders available online at Shakedeal:

Type of grinder based on general design:

Woodworking bench grinders – They are designed for smoothing the dull cutting edges along with the grinding of wood.

Automotive bench grinders – It is used for grinding a whole range of cutting tools along with the shaping of various metal equipment.

Portable grinders – It is light in weight and movable from one place to another. It is useful in case you need to adjust the tools quickly from time to time.

Types based on the grinding wheel:

Straight wheel grinder – It is mostly used for sharpening chisels and similar tools. It is used for any surface and cylindrical grinding.

Tapered wheel grinder – This type of grinder consists of a wheel that is narrow in design towards the edges. It works for sharpening the gear teeth or grinding threads.

Cylinder wheel grinder – This type of grinder is used to sharpen huge metal sheets at one point of instance. Thus, the wheel is usually hollow and huge to suit huge materials.

Parameters to be considered while buying the bench grinders:

Wheel speed – Wheels come with maximum RPM ratings printed on the label. The grinders RPM must be equal or lower. The user should never exceed the maximum operating speed printed on the wheel's tag.

Work piece material suited to wheel grade – The grinding wheels designed for steel is not to be used for grinding softer metals like aluminium.

Sides of wheel versus periphery – Grinding is prohibited on the sides of the bench grinder wheel, as it is designed for grinding on the periphery only.

Wheel guards – These are the type of safety accessory that intercepts the fragments of an exploding wheel to avoid fatal accidents or damage to the operators.

Coolant – Grinding metal on the grinding wheel ends up heating the workpiece. This issue arises when the grinder is of dry type. To avoid injury while handling the work piece, there is a pot full of coolant mounted just below the grinder. By dipping the heated work piece, the heat generated can be substantially quenched.

Best Selling Bench Grinder Brands: Bosch bench grinder, clif bench grinder, dewalt bench grinder, makita bench grinder, ferm bench grinder, ralli wolf bench grinder

Top Selling Bench Grinder Models: Bosch GBG 3515-350 W Double Wheeled Bench Grinder, Bosch bench grinder GBG 60-20, Makita GB801-205mm Bench Grinder, Stanley STGB3715-373W 152mm Bench Grinder, Ferm BGM1020-250W Bench Grinder. To check the bench grinder machine price you can visit our website Also, get the best bench grinders just at your one stop solution – Shakedeal. Happy Shopping!

Wide collection of best quality Bench Grinders online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Bench Grinders Price List in India 2021

Best Bench Grinders Models Price
Stanley STGB3715 - 152 mm, 373 W Bench Grinder 3,703
Bosch GBG 35-15 - 150 mm, 350 W Doubled Wheel Bench Grinder 6,475
Metabo DS 200 - 200 mm, 600 W Bench Grinder 15,677
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