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Bench grinders are widely used in metal fabrication and machine shops. These grinders are designed to feature a bench top with a grinding machine to propel abrasive wheels. Some of the grinders are mounted on a pedestal which are generally bolted to the floor. These grinders are used for rough grinding jobs. These bench grinders can be used to sharpen cutting tools such as chisels and gouges. For polishing jobs, buffing wheels or wire brush can be used for the bench grinders. Most of bench grinders use vitreous- bond wheels. Bench grinders come with wheel guards to keep the user safe. Grinders without wheel guards should not be used at all. The machines should be operated within permissible RPM limits as prescribed by the manufacturer. Exceeding the RPM can cause the wheel to explode and prove hazardous. Bench grinders may require wheel dressing to restore roundness and bring a fresh grinding edge to the machine.

Best Selling Bench Grinder Brands: Stanley, Ferm, Metabo

Top Selling Bench Grinder Models: 1. Metabo DS 150 - 350 W Bench Grinder, 2. Ferm BGM1020 - 250W Bench Grinder, 3. Stanley STGB3715 - 373W 152mm Bench Grinder