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ARC Welding Machines

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Arc Welding Machines

Arc welding machines are used for arc welding processwhich involves joining one metal with another through heat generated byelectricity. The metal melts as a result of high heat, and when the temperaturecools off, the two metals are joined together.

PlasmaArc Cutting Machines: These machines are multi-functional and have an inbuilt water-cooledplasma cutting system suited for manual and mechanized applications. Theyoperate at a frequency of fifty to sixty hertz. Their power consumption is upto 150 A. ESABESP 150T - 150 A Plasma Arc Cutting Machine is one of thepopular plasma arc cutting machines.

AirPlasma Cutting Machines: These machines are faster,economical and easy to use for various cutting jobs. ESABLPH 120 - 415 V Air Plasma Cutting Machine is one of the famousair plasma cutting machines.

TIG/ARCWelding Machines: These machines are widely used for thickwelding of steel and non-ferrous materials. The welding process used by thesemachines involves the usage of a tungsten electrode to create the weld. Uwon200 AC/DC Mosfet - 220V Inverter TIG/ARC welding System is oneof the popular TIG/ARCwelding machines.

WeldingInverters: These inverters feature the standard IGBT invertertechnology. Welding inverters have a compact size and therefore arelightweight. They have a superior quality design to ensure optimal powerconsumption. The most prominent featureof these welding inverters is the unique automatic voltage reductioncapability. RalliWolf ARC200 (R76/R65) - 41A, 8.2 Kg Welding inverter (IGBT) isone of the popular welding inverters.

ThyristorControlled DC Submerged Arc Welding Machine: These machinesare gaining traction is the arc welding machine space because they are capableof providing excellent arc stability at low as well as high voltages. They canproduce exceptional welding at varying current and voltage levels.ESAB LAF1000M - 400 V Thyristor Controlled DC Submerged Arc Welding Machineis one of the popular Thyristor Controlled DC submerged Arc welding machines.

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