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Angle Grinders

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Grinders are used for a variety of tasks such as cutting, scraping and smoothening of surfaces. Angle grinders are the most frequently used tools in the power tools category and the best bet for all DIYers and professionals. Depending on the power supply, grinders are broadly classified into cordless and corded grinders. AC power supply is used for electric grinders whereas cordless grinders work on DC power supply. Cordless grinders are relatively higher priced as compared to corded grinders but offer better handling and manoeuvrability.

Angle grinders are also known as the disc or side grinders. These grinders are applied mainly for grinding and polishing jobs. They derive power from an electric motor which powers a geared head at a 90-degree angle on which an abrasive disc is mounted. The abrasive disc size may vary from four to nine inches. The disc size is dependent on the power required for the task at hand. Angle grinders equipped with discs of 4 and 5 inches are capable of generating higher revolutions per minute and less energy. They are apt for jobs which require the user to go easy on power. For power intensive jobs, grinders with relatively bigger disc sizes of seven to nine inches are suitable. Grinders with bigger disc size are appropriate for heavy metal and fabrication jobs.

When coupled with the right accessories, you can get most out of grinders. Some of the widely used accessories for grinders are as follows:

a) Carbide Multi Cutting Discs

b) Backing Pads

c) Flap and Sanding Discs

Top-Selling Angle Grinders:

1. Aegon AG100 - 710 W Angle Grinder
2. Stanley STGS6100 - 600W 100mm Small Angle Grinder
3. Bosch GWS750 - 750W Angle Grinder
4. Foster FAG 6 100 - 720W, 100 mm Angle Grinder
5. Cumi CAG4 700 - Angle Grinder