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Angle Drills

Right Angle Drills: These drills are used for a variety of applications from drilling to driving. They have a powerful motor which is capable of executing demanding heavy-duty jobs. Makita is one of the leading producers of right angle drills. Makita DA3010F - 10mm Angle Drill has some remarkable features. It boasts of variable speed capability and has in-built job light with double insulation to protect against shocks. Makita's right angle drills are known to have the best power to weight ratio which improves their performance and is loved by DIYers and professionals alike.

Cordless Right Angle Drills: These cordless drills are also getting good traction amongst DIYers and professionals for the simple reason that they offer greater flexibility in handling and cordless gives the freedom from being tied down to the wire or cord.

Bosch makes some of the best right angle cordless drills. Lithium-Ion batteries power these drills. Cordless drills, generally, have the best chuck capacity. A good chuck capacity means that the tool can be used for a variety of applications from drilling to driving. It enhances the utility of the tool and users opt for tools which can amplify the output. Right angle cordless drills are best suited for working in tight spaces because their cordless features allow the users to access even the remotest workspaces with ease.

The choice of drill bits can have an impact on the precision and accuracy of the drilled hole. It is, therefore, essential to choose right drill bits which can complement your project. You can enhance the utility of cordless drills by using appropriate drill bit sets. Here are some of the drill bits which can be paired with cordless drills.

High-speed steel (HSS) bits, Cobalt drill bits, Black oxide-coated HSS drill bits, Titanium-coated HSS drill bits, Carbide-tipped drill bits, Twist Drill Bits, Brad Point Drill Bits, Auger Drill Bits, Paddle Bits, and Step Drill Bits.