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Aluminium Foils

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Aluminium foils are part of food service products. It is mainly used for food storage, cover the baking surface and wrap food materials to preserve moisture while cooking. Aluminium foils help keep the food warm and fresh for a longer time. They are usually flexible and more eco friendly than plastic wrapping. It is primarily used for packaging but can also be used for insulation, decoration, and shielding purposes.

Few of the types of Aluminium Foils:

Aluminium Foil containers – Some of its standard features include heat insulation, malleability, and recyclability. They are majorly used for storing food items. The containers are odourless and moisture resistant too.

House foils – It is versatile and useful for multiple purposes. Such as soften the brown sugar, create different shapes of bakeware and polish the silverware.

Laminated Lids – It is usually coupled with the foil container to cover the stored food for safety purpose while transporting it. It is mostly used by small food outlets, hotels or restaurants. This lid is greaseproof and keeps the food healthy and nutritious for several hours.

Foil Lined bags – These bags protect from electromagnetic wave. It is suitable for storing both store items and food items. It helps in maintain the food temperature and freshness as well.

Chocolate foils – It used for wrapping the chocolate bars and also retain their flavours.

Foil round seals – It is usually used in the packaging of pickle, ghee jars and lubricant packs for sealing the top opening of the bottles. It is suitable for both domestic and industrial uses.

Best selling Aluminium Foils available online:

Pristine Care Products AF9 – 9-meter PC Aluminium Foil – It is a leak and corrosion-resistant non-toxic foil used to prevent the food from getting spoiled. It is impermeable to moisture and water vapour. It ensures preserving both the taste and freshness of food.

Pristine Care Products CF30 – 100-meter PC Cling Film – It is a type of self-sealing film that protects the food from dust, moisture or pollutants. It is resilient to hold almost any shape. Also, it provides pilfer proof packaging.

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Aluminium Foils Price List in India 2022

Best Aluminium Foils Models Price
Wonder Tapes - 72 Metres Aluminium Foil 413
Pristine Care Products AF72 - 72 meter PC Aluminium Foil (2 Pieces) 533
Pristine Care Products AF9 - 9 meter PC Aluminium Foil (8 Pieces) 331
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This data was last updated on 05/25/2022