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Air Compressors

Buy Conveniently different sorts of Air Compressors online on shakedeal. Purchase Air Compressors from driving brands like Columbi, Ferm, Groz, Kaymo & Metabo - shop Air Compressors Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Air Compressors online at lowest prices in India

Importance of air compressors in Pneumatics category:

Air compressors are a device used for converting the power into potential energy stored in the form of compressed air. For doing this, an electric motor is being used. The air compressor works for any gas. Its function is to force more air into a storage tank to increase the pressure. Compressed air is stored in the container. The energy of this compressed air is used for various applications.

Types of air compressors available online:

Based on the pressure delivered:

Low-pressure air compressors – These have the discharge pressure of 150 psi or less.

Medium pressure air compressors – These have the discharge pressure of 151 psi to 1,000 psi.

High-pressure air compressors – These have the discharge pressure above 1,000 psi.

Based on the design and the principle of operation:

Rotary screw compressor – It is a type of gas compressor that uses a rotary type positive displacement mechanism.

Scroll compressor – It is a device used for compressing air. It is an air conditioning equipment as a vacuum pump.

Turbo compressor – It is a type of axial compressor that can continuously pressurize gases.

Centrifugal compressor- It is a type of radial compressor that is a subclass of dynamic asymmetric mechanism.

A few of the other types based on different parameters available at Shakedeal are 2 hp air compressor, single and double cylinder borewell compressors, 5 hp air compressor, 7.5 hp air compressor, 1hp air compressor, three hp air compressor, 1/2 hp air compressor.

Application of air compressors:

Air compressors are used for supplying high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders, moderate pressure clean air to submerged surface supplied driver and to power pneumatic tools such as jackhammers.

Common recommendations for maintenance of the air compressors:

  • Daily inspections of oil and air leakages if any.
  • Checking of differential pressure in the compressed air filter.
  • Check the oil in the compressor and change if needed.

Buy the best brands for air compressor available online just at Shakedeal:

The best brands that you will get for high-quality air compressors are the clif air compressor, metro air compressor, metabo air compressor, krd air compressor, v-guard air compressor.

Top-selling industrial air compressor: K R D 2HP Air Compressor, Clif 3hp air compressor ,K R D 5HP Air Compressor, Columbia MAC 10 S 2 HP Air Compressor, K R D 2 HP Air Compressor, Metabo BASIC 250 24 W-2 Hp, Dongcheng oil free mute air compressor, 24 Liters Basic Compressor with Wooden Crate Packaging. Thus, buy air compressors online just at Shakedeal. To check the air compressors price you can visit our website www.shakedeal.com.

Wide collection of best quality Air Compressors online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Air Compressors Price List in India 2022

Best Air Compressors Models Price
Metabo BASIC 250 24 W - 2 Hp, 24 Liters Basic Compressor with Wooden Crate Packaging 14,464
Ferm CRM1042 - 1100W 1.5HP 24L Air Compressor with Wooden Crate Packaging 10,531
Columbia CC 15 SKL - 1.5 HP Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor with Wooden Crate Packaging 25,831
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