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Buy Air Circuit Breakers online at the lowest prices in India.

Air Circuit Breakers is primarily used for protecting the electric circuit from the short circuit or overcurrent scenario. It is suitable to operate the breaker at atmospheric pressure in the air.

Types of Air Circuit Breakers:

Plain Air Circuit Breaker – It is the simplest form of the circuit breaker. The arc of the circuit breaker extends from one tip to another.

Magnetic Blowout Air Circuit Breaker – It provides magnetic control to the arc for making the arc extinction within the devices. Thus, the magnetic field shifts the arc into chutes where the arc is lengthened, cooled or extinguished.

Air Chute Air Circuit Breaker – There are 2 types of contacts in air chute air circuit breakers, namely main and auxiliary. The main contacts are copper and silver plates, whereas auxiliary contacts are copper alloy resistant to heat.

Air Blast Circuit Breaker – It uses compressed or high-pressure air as an arc interrupting medium. Axial, Cross, and radial are the types of air blast breakers. Some of its advantages include no risk of fire, high operating speed, less maintenance, low cost, etc.

Different Type of Applications of Air Circuit Breakers:

It is used for the protection of plants.
It is used for protecting electrical machines.
It is generally used in transformers, capacitors and generators.
It is suitable for both low and high voltage and current applications.

Some of our best-selling Air Circuit Breakers:

Siemens 3WL1108 - 800 A – It comes with a 3 or 4 pole design. It is suitable for up to the application of 1000 V. It comes in 2 construction – in fixed mounted and withdrawable version.

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