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Air Blowers

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Air Blowers

Air blowers propel air out of a small nozzle at a very high speed to remove dust and debris likes fallen leaves, grasses, etc. Electric or gasoline motors mostly power these blowers. Blowers powered by gasoline generally have two-stroke engines. These days, for environmental reasons, four-stroke engines have been introduced because they cause relatively less pollution as compared to two-stroke engines. Gasoline powered air blowers generate a lot of high-decibel noise and can prove to be a nuisance for others. Unlike, gasoline powered air blowers, the ones powered by electricity do not make harsh sounds.

Air blowers with dust extraction: Bosch is the leading manufacturer of air blowers with dust extraction capability. These air blowers have a unique variable speed dial wheel which facilitates easy adjustment of airflow speed. Most of the air blowers these days have an ambidextrous lock on the handgrip design so that both left and right-handed users can operate them without any hassle. Bosch GBL 800 - 820 W Blower with Dust Extraction is the popular model with dust extraction feature.

Corded Variable Speed Air Blowers: These blowers are powered by electricity and derive strength from 800 W strong motors. They are known for their ability to propel air at variable speeds and have the top airspeed in the category. Their optimal power to weight ratio underscores their importance in corded blower category. Dewalt is the leading manufacturer of corded variable speed air blowers and Dewalt DWB800 - 800W Corded Variable Speed Blower is the popular model in this category.

Milwaukee has been producing the best air blowers with a caulking gun. These machines have 14-volt caulk and adhesive gun which aptly suited for highly viscose urethanes and adhesives. Makita has the best in class blower with nozzle assembly and corner nozzle. They manufacture the blowers equipped with double insulation and have the trademark variable speed.