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Buy Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping Tools online

Agriculture, Garden and Landscaping tools are used for beautifying and improvising the garden and landscape to make it more perfect. These tools come in various types based on the size of the garden area. The gardening tools make the process easier by reducing the complexities of putting extra efforts. Some of the commonly used gardening tools include brush cutters, chain saw, lawn movers, sprayers, sprinklers, pumps, etc.

Different types of Agriculture and Gardening tools:

Cultivators - It is a farm tool used for secondary tillage. It comes with sharp teethes that are used for piercing soil by dragging it linearly. It is used for loosening the soil in the planting area, weeding the land during the growing season and mixing compost in the ground. The cultivator machine comes in a cordless or corded model.

Earth Augers and accessories - It is used to screw earth upward and then manipulate the soil away from the ground. It is a form of drill used for boring holes in walls or large surface areas or in the garden for planting bushes or shrubs.

Garden Rakes - It is a form of broom (garden tool) used for outside use and to compile the scrap together in one place. It has a toothed bar fixed transversely to the handle. It is primarily used for collecting leaves, hay grass, etc. It can also be used for light weeding, levelling or removing the dead grass from the lawn area.

Harvesters - It is a versatile machine designed for harvesting various crops. The modern models can perform reaping, threshing and winnowing in a single process.

Lawn Movers - It is a machine having one or more revolving blades to cut the grass evenly. It is portable thus easy to carry and operate the machine. It comes with different sources like electric, manual, petrol mode. It is an ideal tool for trimming the grass of lawns, gardens or residential areas.

Trimmers - It is a versatile tool in the form of weed whackers (garden equipment) used for beautifying the edges, trimming the terrains and clearing the larger patches of unruly rough vegetation. It comes with rotating spindle from which the string protrudes and is attached at the other end of a long shaft. Grass trimmer and hedge trimmer are its 2 types.

Agricultural Sprayers - It is the device used for spraying the liquid. It is mostly used for projection of water, weed killer, pest maintenance chemicals, spraying pesticides or fertilizers over the crops, etc. It comes in different size and shape based on the tractor and land size.

Best Agriculture, Garden and Landscaping Model available online:

Max Green MSW12 - 12 inch Side Wheel Manual Lawn Mower - It is used for trimming grass and leaves in a small garden. It has rubber caps that make the user easy to operate the machine. It has a robust construction and is corrosion resistant. It has a longer life and requires less maintenance.

Green Leaf - 1.95 HP 2 Stroke Brush Cutter - It is an agricultural tool. It is used for grass cutting and cutting plants on steep of landscape. It is a powerful machine and easy to use. It has high durability and high performance.

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Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping Price List in India 2022

Best Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping Models Price
KisanKraft FarmBoy FB-PE4-106 - 3.2 hp, 98 cc, 4 Stroke Petrol Engine For Water Pump 5,589
Neptune PW 280 - 1600 W Multi Electric High Car Pressure Washer 10,223
Neptune NC 52 Bottom - 1.2 litres, 1.65 kw, 2 Stroke Petrol Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotavator 15,178
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