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About us

Who We Are

Our founders and promoters are backed by 30 years of experience in the industrial goods sector. ShakeDeal’s founding team brings together a diverse set of skills in the fields of supply chain and logistics, technology first products, software industry know-how and exceptional business acumen. With perfect synergy, the founding team is aiming to eliminate pain points that have been plaguing the B2B industry for decades.

We have understood the pain points facing the industrial goods sector and have come up with innovative solutions to these problems. We help you with your procurement needs using our proprietary sourcing software that sits on top of our open marketplace. This helps you gain access to the wide database of suppliers and products on the open marketplace, but more importantly, it helps you negotiate better rates on bulk orders by creating sourcing events of different types such has auctions and request for quotations. We guarantee cost savings, authentic products and a delightful customer experience.

What We Do

ShakeDeal helps businesses reduce their effort in sourcing quality industrial goods and materials from verified suppliers up the supply chain thus being able to provide unmatched prices from thousands of such suppliers. Buyers can manage their enquiries and quotations in a centralized dashboard with the help of sourcing events, which leverage the already incredible prices available on the marketplace. Resellers, Institutions and Factories can easily procure goods and raw materials in bulk through ShakeDeal's end to end solutions.

When inventory is running low and the buyer has a procurement requirement, he logs onto Using our procurement platform, he can create a sourcing event such as a tender or a negotiation. Upon receiving the best quotes from all the vendors on our platform, he can make an informed decision on who to award the purchase order to. Once the order is placed, ShakeDeal handles the logistics and ensures timely and reliable delivery to the buyers shipping address.